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NESCAFE Gold Refill Pack (170g x 3 packs)

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ABOUT NESCAFE GOLD Exquisitly crafted with perfection for those who enjoy the finer things in life. An exceptional cup with a great flavour profile, the NESCAFEGOLD is truly enjoyable, made simply perfect for the moments that matter.
EXPERTLY CRAFTED – From our finest blend of premium Arabica & Robusta beans, roasted to perfection & expertly crafted to deliver a smooth texture & golden aroma for your perfect cup.
PERFECT COFFEE MOMENTS - This is a coffee for social moments, meals with friends, a simple treat for yourself.
DISCOVER OUR RANGE - A variety of offerings with the right coffee intensity and profile for you. Coffee Intensity : 7
SERVING SUGGESTIONS – Add 1 teaspoon (2g) of Nescafe with 150ml of hot water. Add in your desired sugar, Coffeemate coffee creamer for a richer and creamier cup.

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