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HABIB Brass Bracelet Gold Colour

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Product Details

Total Weight : 3.58g
Total Length : 16cm, 16.5cm, 17cm, 17.5cm
Material of Clasp : Metal Plated with Gold Colour
Includes Random Colour Silicone Stopper


HABIB is leading Malaysia jewel company founded in 1958 offering the widest collection of certified diamonds, gemstone and gold. We are proud to be one of the country’s premier jewellers; a multi-award winning brand that appeals to different walks of life.With a reputation for quality and world class designs, we believe in valuing tradition even as we embrace the contemporary. Just like the fast- changing world, we will keep pace by being nimble footed in the jewelry and fashion market, by being responsible in how we source our materials and most importantly, by being honest and sincere in how we engage with our precious customers.

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