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【ship 24h】Goojodoq 2nd gen Pro 10 Inch 3 in 1 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Set

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***2nd gen 3 in 1 Bluetooth Keyboard ***
-With 3* Bluetooth, which can be connected to 3 devices at the same time, which is more convenient to use.
-When the keyboard needs to switch other devices, you could switch with one key without disconnecting.
-Suitable for multipe smart devices, as iPad/Tablets/Phone/Laptop/Macbook, etc.
-Bluetooth Connect Steps
1.Push the ”OFF/ON” button, and the ”Power” light up, and then press the ”Connect” button, and the ”Bluetooth” light is on.
2.Press ”Fn+1” to connect to the first device, the iPad choose ”Bluetooth Keyboard”; Press ”Fn+2” to connect to the second device, the mobile phone choose ”Bluetooth Keyboard”; Press ”Fn+3” to connect to the third device, the laptop choose ”Bluetooth Keyboard”.
3.Finally, switched to the coorresponding system by pressing Fn+Q(Andriod)/ Fn+W(Windows)/ Fn+E( IOS).
After the first connection is successful, it will automatically connect to your ipad or other devices next time.
Note: If you need to switch the device to use, just press ”Fn+1/2/3 (corresponding to the connection number of the device)”.
---Mute Keys, Work Efficiently
-The key structure designed by scissors, as quiet as the laptop keyboard and will not disturb anyone's rest.
-The keyboard and mouse set could help you improve efficiency, as work/study/chat, etc.
-Long battery life and power saving.
-Fast charging, it can be fully charged in 1 hour.
-When fully charged, it can be used for 30 days and standby for 120 days.

Mode A: Insert the USB receiver into the USB port and switch the mouse switch to 2.4G.
Mode B: Bluetooth
Turn on the mouse Bluetooth switch
-if red light on :hold down the left and right mouse buttons and the middle scroll wheel at the same time for 5 seconds to reset connection ,refer to picture 5,when it turn to the blue light flashes, and the Bluetooth signal comes out
-if blue light flashing : connect to your ipad
-No cursor?↓
1. If you use Bluetooth mouse and touch keyboard, ipad system must be upgraded to IOS13 or above
2. If the cursor does not appear, you need to turn on the ”AssistiveTouch” function of your device ,Open Settings”, click ”Accessibility”-”Touch”, open ”AssistiveTouch”. refer to picture 9
3. Bluetooth mouse and keyboard can be connected to ipad at the same time

---3 Kind Of DPI Adjustable
800/1200/1600 DPI resolutions (Default 1600). Easily adjust DPI button to instantly match mouse speed to different working scenarios with DPI button on the top of the wireless mouse.

Service life is more than 20 days
Standby up to 365 days
Long battery life, fast charging and power saving

---Mute Botton
with the mute button,the sound produced can be reduced by about 95% compored with other mice , and the button life is up to 5 million times.

One mouse can handle
all your smart devices Support all major brands of mobile phones,tablets,
laptops,all-in-ones, Apple, Samsung,OPPO
VIVO, Xiaomietc.on the market.

***1st gen NORMAL Bluetooth Keyboard ***
Support IOS, Android and Windows system, this wireless keyboard workable for most of tablets and smart phones like for iPhone, for iPad 2018 2017, for iPad Pro, for iPad 2/3/4, for iPad Air 2 1, for Samsung Galaxy Tab A, for GALAXY Note, for Nexus 10, for LG, for Nexus, for Huawei, for ZTE etc.

--THE INDICATOROF KEYBOARD:Keyboard is easy to use, please charge it when Power indicator flashing Red. Charge indicator will be red when charging and will Turn Off after full charged(not turn green).

Life time exceeds 30 days
Long battery life,fast charging and power saving
1 hour charge, use 30 days(Based on 2 hours of daily use)

4 steps to open a new era of office.
1.Push the button to on power light is on
2.press the connect button ,the bluetooth light is on
3.ipad select keyboard bluetooth
4.After the first connection,the next time you start using the keyboard, it will automatically connect

Switch apple system: FN+E
Chinese and English input method switching: FN+Space
Show physical keyboard: FN+Control
Switch software: Conmmand+Tab
Case switching: Capslock (If the iPad cannot be set first: Set one+general+keyboard+physical keyboard + turn off the caps lock key to switch the Latin keyboard)

---Support multi-system compatibility
Fn + Q/Fn + W/Fn + E quick swith

---Package including:
1 * Bluetooth Keyboard
1 * Bluetooth Mouse
2 * USB Cable
1 * Bluetooth Keyboard
1 * USB Cable

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